Adult Lessons

Along with orchestra activities, the RMO has established a Teaching Program for adults.  

The RMO teaching program has two purposes, and therefore a two-step learning stream: The normal process is that students will sign up for the Introduction Class, and complete that class after one full-year term. They then move to the Orchestra Class, where they prepare to join the orchestra. 

Introduction Class (Instructor-Harvey Linnen) – learn to play the mandolin and or refresh the fundamentals of playing a mandolin with specific focus on

1. Sight reading, counting and related skills

2. Playing the mandolin – basic fingering and playing technique

3. Develop mandolin fundamentals playing tunes that employ those skills

Orchestra Class (Instructor-Susan McLaughlin/Natalia Osypenko) – develop your mandolin skills for the orchestra. The Orchestra Class uses orchestra music and selected skill-development pieces as required, along with a program of gradual integration with the orchestra to:

1. Enhance students’ reading, playing and related skills

2. Teach the rudiments of playing in an orchestra setting

3. Introduce the students to the family of mandolin instruments

4. Build confidence in playing the mandolin and playing orchestra music

5. Provide in-class experiences with the orchestra, both musical and social

If not we have suggestions and as well as a loaner for the first day.
If not you may be in an introductory class not mentioned above.
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