The full orchestra can be as many as 35 musicians seated in a traditional orchestral semicircle. As such we need a fairly large space. 

Although we can supplement with our own chairs we ask that you have 35 armless chairs for us to use. 

Optional but if you have a microphone we would like to utilize it.

To finalize the booking one of our members will need to view the venue to ensure the space will accommodate us.

If your venue does not have the space we have smaller groups Mandomonium (10 to 15 musicians), Quartets, Duets and possibly custom options.

We ask for an honorarium and the amount will be determined at the time of booking.

We can supplement as required!
Again we can adjust if you do not have one.
Booking the Orchestra

To book performances offline contact: 

Publicity Director

Regina Mandolin Orchestra

PO Box 33136 Cathedral

3015 13th Avenue

Regina Saskatchewan S4T 1P0

Phone: (306) 988-0417

Email: admin at