Fr Hugonard Assembly Christmas Social

Mandolin Orchestra Concert - Fr Hugonard Assembly Christmas Social- Costume Black Shirt**

Scheduled: Dec 13, 2018 at 20:00 00 to 21:00 00

Location: 1717 Toronto St

Regina, SK, Canada

**Black Pants, Socks, Shoes.

There is a room upstairs where you can store tour stuff, warm up and tune your instruments.  There is also a handheld microphone if you need one.

I am the Faithful Navigator of the Fr Hugonard Assembly here in Regina.  Most months from Sept to June we have a social at St. Basil’s Ukrainian Catholic Parish Centre on Toronto Street. We meet, enjoy a good meal and then listen to special guests to finish our night. We usually start the entertainment part of our social around 8 pm and finish around 9 pm/  We offer an honorarium of $200 for the 45 minute set.  

I am inviting you to participate at our Christmas social on Dec 13, 2018. It is a Thursday night.  Would your group be interested?

Thank You

Jean Duperreault, AFN

Fr Hugonard Assembly #1064

And by phone at:


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