Trafalgar Gala October 26, 2013

18:00 00 to 19:00 00

HMCS Queen Main Deck 100 Navy Way 

**Black Shirt, Black Pants, Socks, Shoes.

There will be a Trafalgar Ball at HMCS QUEEN (to commemorate Admiral Nelson’s famous victory on 21st October, 1805). 

This traditional event will be a gala affair, with the proceeds going to Wounded Warrior Canada.

Vice Regal Salute (O Canada with God Save the Queen (Arr. J. Robertson 2003))

Heart of Oak (William Boyce)

All Around the Circle  (Arr. Robertson 2000)

Blackbird (Traditional Irish, Hubich 2000)

Caddam Wood (Arr Hubich 2004 rev 2005)

Kerry Polkas (Trad. Irish, Arr. Robertson 1991)

La Cumparsita (G.H. Matos Rodriguez, Arr. Don Flamingo)

Log Drivers Waltz (Wade Hemsworth, Arr. Hubich - 2006)

O'Hagen (K.M. Hegan 2007, Arr. Hubich 2007)

When I’m Sixty Four (Arr. Russell Foster adpt. McLaughlin 2008)

Never on Sunday (Manos Hadjidakis, Arr Hubich 2007)

White Cliffs of Dover (Arr. Hubich)

Maple Sugar (Arr. Robertson 1996)

Long Long Trail, Til We Meet Again (Arr. Robertson)

HMCS Queen

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